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“Commercial Real Estate” with EZ Commercial LLC.

Real Talk Twin Cities is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with EZ Commercial LLC and the show segment “Commercial Real Estate”.

Segment Description
“Commercial Real Estate” segment is about Tips and information about commercial real estate in the Twin Cities area. Subject matters covered are; commercial space leasing, tenant representation, seller and/or buyer representation for commercial transactions and more. The segment focuses on Minneapolis commercial properties and St Paul commercial properties and their suburbs.

The goals of “Commercial Real Estate” is to provide useful information for commercial space owners, buyers and tenants.

Hosted By
“Commercial Real Estate” is hosted/sponsored by EZ Commercial LLC located in the Twin Cities.  EZ Commercial works with sellers and buyers and owners and tenants throughout the Twin Cities area.  EZ Commercial can be reached at 612-978-9348 or ezcommercial@gmail.com.

Promotions from EZ Commercial
* FREE – 10 Tips to sell your commercial property.
* FREE – 10 Tips for acquiring tenants.
* FREE – Seller market valuation for your Twin Cities area commercial property.
* FREE – 10 Tips for tenants when leasing space
* FREE – Gift Certificate for any referral that sells or buys.
* FREE – Answers/Consultation for selling/buying or leasing

EZ Commercial can be reached at 612-978-9348 or EZcommercial@gmail.com.

Show Segment Commercial
Welcome to “Commercial Real Estate” segment by EZ Commercial LLC.

  • Do you want to sell or lease a building?
  • Do you need new commercial space?

EZ Commercial can help you!

With our connections, marketing and knowledge, EZ Commercial can make your next move easy and fast.  Take advantage of our special offer. Receive a free commercial space evaluation guaranteed to deliver results easy and fast – call 612-978-9348. Again, call 612-978-9348 to speak with an expert at EZ Commercial.

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