Introducing the “Home Improvement” Segment

January 6, 20150 Comments

Real Talk Twin Cities has launched a new show segment called “Home Improvement”.

Segment Description
“Home Improvement”segment is about Tips and information regarding remodeling projects for your home.


The goals of “Home Improvement” is to provide useful information for home owners to maximize the enjoyment and financial return for their remodeling project.

Hosted By
“Home Improvement” is hosted/sponsored by is the perfect source for great remodelers and builders in the Minnespolis, St Paul Twin Cities area.  Contact us 800-459-9010 or

Promotions from Custom Homes Remodeling

* FREE – 10 Tips for selecting a remodeler.
* FREE – Proposal for your remodeling project.
* FREE – Gift Certificate for any referral that sells or buys.
* FREE – Answers/Consultation for selling or buying.

Custom Homes Remodeling can be reached at  800-459-9010 or

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