Introducing the “Home Inspector” Segment

January 6, 20150 Comments

Real Talk Twin Cities has launched a new show segment called “Home Inspector”.

Segment Description
“Home Inspector” segment provides expert advice on construction, mechanical and general conditions of a home, buyers are looking to purchase.


The goal of the “Home Inspector” segment  is to provide useful information for buyers regarding maintenance, structural, and environmental concerns to ensure the home they are purchasing is a wise investment.

Hosted By
“Home Inspector” is hosted/sponsored by Jeff Blixt of Inspecta Homes .  Contact us at  651-641-0641.

Promotions from Jeff

* FREE – 5 Tips for selecting a home inspector.
* FREE – Proposal from Inspecta Homes for home inspections
* FREE – Gift Certificate for any referral that uses our services
* FREE – Answers/Consultation for home inspections

Jeff can be reached at  651-641-0641

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