Introducing the “Rate Watch” Segment

January 6, 20150 Comments

Real Talk Twin Cities has launched a new show segment called “Rate Watch”.

Segment Description
“Rate Watch” is a segment where a top loan officer provides up to date, rates for various loan types.


The goal of “Mortgage Check Up” is to provide useful information for homeowners to ensure that you have the lowest cost loan available.

Hosted By
“Mortgage Check Up”  is hosted by “Eric the Loan Guy”, Eric Pirius of Bell Mortgage. Eric has been a “top notch” loan officer for 15 years and has worked with Cheryl Kempenich and her team for 8 years. In addition to new loans, Eric provides new home loans as well.

Promotions from Eric

* FREE – Tips to qualify for a loan
* FREE – Mortgage pre-approval letter
* FREE – Answers/Consultation for mortgages

Eric can be reached at 612-275-2136

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