Introducing the “Web Design and Marketing” Segment

January 6, 20150 Comments

Real Talk Twin Cities has launched a new show segment called “Web Design and Marketing”.

Segment Description
“Web Design & Marketing for More Sales”segment provides expert advice on branding, strategt, website design and marketing techniques for businesses to increase their sales.


The goal of the “Web Design & Marketing for More Sales” segment  is to provide useful information for businesses to increase website and social media effectiveness which lead to increase leads and increase sales.

Hosted By
“Web Design & Marketing for More Sales” is hosted/sponsored by Kemteck Inc.  Kemteck Inc is a Minneapolis and St Paul based website design and marketing business with over 15 years of award winning experience. Contact us at  800-515-6610.

Promotions from Kemteck Inc.

* FREE – 5 Tips for gaining more sales
* FREE – Proposal from Kemteck Inc for new website and marketing
* FREE – Gift Certificate for any referral that uses our services
* FREE – Answers/Consultation for web design and marketing

Contact Kemteck Inc. by calling  800-515-6610

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