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“Twin Cities Apartments” with Twin Cities Apartment Guide LLC.

Real Talk Twin Cities is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Twin Cities Apartment Guide LLC and the show segment “Twin Cities Apartments”.

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“Twin Cities Apartments” is about apartment living in the Twin Cities area.  Get information about various apartment complexes throughout the Twin City area along with living tips, typical lease agreements, handling complaints, searching for an apartment and more.

The goals of “Twin Cities Apartments” is to provide useful information for renters to make searching and living in a apartment simple and easy.

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“Twin Cities Apartments” is hosted/sponsored by Twin Cities Apartment Guide LLC.

Promotions from Twin Cities Apartment Guide LLC 
* FREE – 10 Tips for renters
* FREE – Gift Certificate for any referral that sells or buys.
* FREE – Answers/Consultation for selling or buying.

Twin Cities Apartment Guide LLC can be reached at 612-978-9348

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